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   Reference books

Справочник дизелей The directory of the cores of constructive and working parameters of
engines of type V-2, V-6, V-46, D-12, YAMZ, UTD-20, UTD-29
Каталог ЯАЗ The catalogue of engines YAAZ
M204A, М204V, М204VKR, М204G, М204К, М206А, М206B, 206I
Каталог ГТ-Т The catalogue of units and details of caterpillar heavy conveyor-tractor GT-Т.
Каталог МТ-ЛБ Light multi-purpose caterpillar conveyor-tractor MT-LB
Katalog of details and assembly units
Ремонт МТ-ЛБ Army repair of light multi-purpose conveyor-tractor МТ-LB
Техническое описание ПЗМ-2 Digging machine PZM-2
Technical description, operation and storage
Каталог ПЗМ-2 The digging machine PZM-2
The catalogue of details and assembly units
Каталог ТМК-2 The digging machineТМК-2
The catalogue of details and assembly units
Тяжелый артиллерийский тягач АТ-Т Heavy artillery tractor АТ-Т
the Manual
Путепрокладчик БАТ-М Puteprokladchik BАТ-М
Каталог ГАЗ-71 The catalogue of details of caterpillar conveyor GАZ-71, GAZ-3403

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